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Mobile Web Settings

Activate your Mobile Internet Settings

Setting up your mobile internet service is easy and done in no time. Do it yourself using the steps below or let someone from our customer support team help you.

How to activate?

1. Mobile Web Service

Please call Customer Services to instantly activate your Mobile Web service – on 980 from your Lycamobile

2. Setup Mobile Internet

Follow the steps below for an IOS or Android phone.

Android IOS
Go to Menu → Settings → Mobile Networks

Mobile Data - ON

Data in Roaming

Data in Roaming - Always

APN Settings: If for some reason the Internet settings have not been saved or have not been received,
check the APN access point yourself.

“Settings” - “SIM-cards and mobile networks” - “Your card” - “APN access points” -
select an access point and make sure that you have in the APN section and
leave the remaining items intact.

New Access Point - If for some reason the access point is missing - create a new one.

Name : Lycamobile
Go to Menu → Settings → Cellular

Cellular Data - ON

Data Parameters

Data Roaming - ON


Cellular Data Network

APN :                                                                                                           

3. Contact Customer Service

Still having problems? Please contact our Customer Service for support Contact Us

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